Slicy Enduro DH Ultimate Mudguard


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Slicy Ulitmate Enduro DH Mudguard “Alliance Edition”, super clean slop stopping goodness developed with Team Commencal- 100%

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Nobody likes a face full of crud, and nobody likes characterless boring mudguards, especially us! So we teamed up with French Slop Stopping experts Slicy to bring you the Alliance Edition Slicy Mudguard. Made from recyclable materials and developed with Team Commencal-100% to ensure the most effective product used by professional racers and those with sublime tastes… of course.

Fits freeride/AM/DH/Enduro/Trail bikes  on 26, 27.5 and 29 inch wheels!


– Wheels size : 26″ 27.5″ 27.5″ PLUS, 29″ and 29″ PLUS
– Tyres width : 2.3″ to 3.0″
– Forks : Boost and Non-Boost


Width: 27.3 cm
Length: 23.8 cm


4 cable tie quick fitting

Fitting Video HERE