You are a rough tough MTB Rider and you expect a few chips from ragging down the trail, but let’s face it every time you discover a new one, inside you shed a thousand Unicorn Tears of Despair.

It’s even worse when it happens in the car/on the bike rack etc. on the way to epic rides of glory when you or your mates pedal takes a bigger bite of paint perfection than a fat kid in a kebab shop!

So avoid those tears and arguments with these brand new NOX SOX, the idea so simple and effective we wished we’d all thought of it! Banish those rancid dust sheets/duvets from your boot because with NOX SHOX you get a pair of Neoprene Pedal Booties that Beyonce would be proud of. They’ll fit the largest of flats (DMR Vaults for example) have press studs to hold them in place and are made in Cornwall… home of Neoprene Naughtiness since the dawn of time!

  • Simple & Effective protection for you bikes/car/boot
  • Press stud fastening
  • made from super squishy neoprene
  • fit the largest of pedals

only £20.99 P&P included

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NOX SHOX Pedal Boots, protect the bikes and the car with these super simple and effective neoprene sleeves to cover your pedals!!!


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